Keepsake photo book FAQ:

What materials do I need to provide to make a book?
Photos (in print or digital (jpeg) format) and text for each page. Please email us for a template which will help organize your project:

How many photos can I include on a page?
You may include up to 4 photos however we recommend 1-2 photos per page. We will layout the photos and text artistically.

How will the text be formatted?
We will lay out the text in a way that compliments your photos. If you have a particular font & font style and font size you would like to use just indicate this the book layout template.

Will I be able to preview the book before it is printed?
Yes, we will email you a draft copy in pdf format and you may specify any changes/additions prior to the final copy being printed.

What is the turnaround time for the book?
If the draft copy of your book is reviewed within 24 hours of receiving it we will provide the final copy within a week of receiving all of your project materials.