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Slide/Print Scanning FAQ:

Will my digital photos be stored on a DVD or CD-ROM?
As long as your computer has a DVD drive we recommend DVDs. DVDs will store approximately five times the number of photos as a CD. The quality of the images is the same on both. If you are unsure what you want we will do one of each (at no extra charge). We can discuss your needs with you to make sure you receive the format that works best for you.

How many slides/photos will fit on one DVD?
Approximately 300-400 slides or 1000-1200 photos. The size of the image varies depending upon the detail of the photo.

Should I organize my slides/photos prior to bringing them to you or can I do this after the photos are scanned?
You do not need to organize your photos before you bring them in. If you have a photo browser on your PC you can organize them any way you like after they have been scanned. However, if you plan on viewing the DVD on your television or giving it as a gift, it is helpful to have them organized first. It is a good idea to preview your photos, and especially your slides, prior to scanning to ensure you want to pay for them to be digitized.

> If you have many, many slides to go through we have slide viewers available for rent at a cost of $20.00 per week.

I want to organize my photos/slides ahead of time. What's the best way to do this?
The easiest way is to put all slides/photos from the same year or event in one envelope and label each envelope as you would like it titled on the DVD (i.e. 1975 - Mary & John's Wedding). If you want your photos scanned in a certain order, you can number them on the back. You can keep slides in the slide carousels if you prefer. Your slides will be scanned exactly the way you organize the photos when you deliver your project.

Some of my slides have light dust on them. Can they be cleaned prior to scanning?
Yes, ALL slides are treated with a jet air dust spray prior to scanning in order to remove dust particles.

Can mold or heavy dust be removed from a slide?
If there is mold or heavy dust on your slide we will scan the slide as is and recommend that you bring it to a photo restoration expert. This slide will be flagged and you will not be billed for it.

I have some photos in family albums which I would like scanned. Do I have to remove them from the album?
Since family photo albums are highly sentimental and can also be very fragile to handle we do not like to remove photos from them. If you are having problems removing a photo from an album we are happy to work with you on this on an individual photo basis.

Once my slides/photos are scanned can they be enlarged?
Yes. If a slide is in good condition you may enlarge it up to an 8x10 portrait size and retain the quality. On average, prints may also be enlarged to twice their original size and retain their same quality.

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