Video Transfers FAQ:

What videotape formats do you convert?
We convert all popular formats: VHS, Hi-8, Mini DV, VHS-C, 8mm, and Digital 8. We do not currently have the equipment to convert Beta tapes or 8mm movie film at this time but hope to sometime in the near future.

Several of my tapes do not have labels so I am not sure what is on them. Do I need to pay for them to be converted in order to find this out?
We will be happy to play the tapes and let you know the contents prior to converting them.

Should I organize my tapes prior to dropping them off?
If your tapes are labeled it is helpful to organize them chronologically before dropping them off. Please put a rubber band around any tapes you would like to have on the same DVD. Each DVD will hold up to 90 minutes of video.

Can you repair a tape if it is damaged? If so, how much does it cost?
We can do minor tape repairs (i.e. if there is a break in one spot of the tape). The cost for this repair is $10.00.

If the plastic case surrounding the tape is broken but the tape is fine it can be transferred to new housing - the cost for this repair is $20.00.

In both cases, immediate transfer to DVD is recommended and the tape should not longer be played as it may damage the video heads of your camera/VCR.

Once I drop off my tapes what is the turnaround time?
This will depend upon the number and length of your tapes and our current workload. Please let us know when making your initially inquiry if there is a particular deadline you are trying to meet (i.e. birthday, holiday). When you drop off your tapes we will provide you with a price quote as well as a completion date. Here are some very general estimates you may use as a guideline:

  • 1-3 tapes (1-2 days)
  • 5-10 tapes (1 week)
  • 10-20 tapes (2 weeks)

Note: these time will vary during our busy holiday season.

What do you charge for duplicate copies? Do you recommend doing this?
Duplicate copies are just $5 each. If you would like more than one duplicate copy (ie. for several family members) we will provide a quantity discount. We highly recommend making an "archival" set of all DVDs in case of loss or damage (especially if your kids are playing the DVDs).

If you have a DVD burner on your computer you can do this yourself; we recommend doing it immediately before any DVDs are scratched.

What type of media will my videos be transferred to?
All videos are burned onto Taiyo Yuden DVD-Rs, which we have found to be of the highest quality, most compatible DVDs on the market.

How will my DVDs be labeled?
One way we keep our costs down is by leaving the labeling up to you. Each of your DVDs and corresponding videotapes will have a temporary label with either a date on it or a number (if your tapes are not labeled when you drop them off). The DVDs we provide have a white cover adhered to them which can easily be labeled using any Sharpie marker. You can also purchase printable labels at any local office supply store; however they are fairly expensive and most people find our labels sufficient for family videos.

My DVDs are for a gift - can you do a custom label for it?
Yes, we can do custom DVD labels and cover jackets for $5.00. Please provide us with any photos you wish to use as well as the exact wording when you drop off your project.

What type of case do you provide?
For standard videotape transfers, we provide a paper sleeve for each DVD. You may then purchase the type of DVD storage which best fits your needs. Stores such as Staples, Office Maxx and Best Buy offer a variety of DVD storage options including DVD cases, large and small binders, leather boxes etc.

What is the projected life span of a DVD?
A DVD should last 50+ years.

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How many minutes can be stored on a DVD?
Generally you can get up to 90 minutes on one DVD. If necessary, we can "compress" a file to get up to 120 minutes, but this usually reduces the quality of the video. Unless a customer specifically asks us to do so, we do not compress any videos.

Will I be charged by the number of videotapes or the number of DVDs?
Many of our competitors make their pricing contingent upon the length of the tape. This makes it very confusing since in many cases you are not entirely sure if the entire tape has been used. By charging you per tape it not only keeps the cost down for you, it also allows us to provide a price quote to you when dropping off your project.

Can I combine more than one tape onto a DVD?
Yes, up to 90 minutes worth of tape may be burned onto one DVD.

What if I have a tape that is 2 hours (or more)?
This tape will be transferred onto two DVDs. We will find a scene change where it makes sense to split the video and enter scene transitions (fade in/fade out) at the beginning and ending of each video.

I would like to edit my videos after they are converted. Do you offer video-editing services?
Yes, we offer video editing at a cost of $25.00 per hour.

What are your hours?
Our hours are by appointment. We are very flexible and will work with you to meet at a time that is convenient for you (including evenings and weekends).

Can I mail my videotapes to you?
Since home videos are irreplaceable we do not recommend mailing them. If tapes are exposed to extreme temperatures or moisture of any kind they may be damaged.