Slide/Print Scanning FAQ:

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What questions will be asked?
A list of questions will be provided to the family and/or the subject prior to the interview. You will be asked to cross out any questions that are either not relevant or you do not what us to ask. We also strive to personalize the interview as much as possible so we will ask if you have any additional questions which will help to draw out stories, talk about the highlights of their life etc. It is helpful for us to know a little bit about the person prior to conducting the interview.

How long will the interview take?
Generally speaking it will require 2 interview sessions of 1-11/2 hours each however, this will depend upon how readily the questions are answered by the interviewee.

Will the interview be edited?
Yes. The entire interview tape will be reviewed and edited to ensure the video and the dialogue flows as smoothly as possible. A "preview" copy of the video will be provided (in DVD format) and further edits may be made at no charge.

Where will the interview be conducted?
This is completely up to you. If possible, we recommend the subject's home in order to make them feel as relaxed as possible.

What do we need to do to prepare the person for the interview?
Find a relaxing spot to conduct the interview. We recommend using a favorite chair, sofa, spot in the kitchen that he/she frequently uses. Not only will this make them more comfortable. It will also help to personalize the video even further.

Should other family/friends be present during the interview?
This is completely up to you. In some cases we find that people will speak more freely without others present in other cases having one or two family members or friends present will help draw a person out.

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